The Adoption Option

Are you thinking about the adoption option? If you are, then you’re at the right place. Hello, I’m Suzanne Peden, and I am a clinical social worker, but I’m also the owner of A Angel Adoptions. I started working in the adoption field 37 years ago, but about 21 years ago, I decided that my […]

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National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month As we approach the holidays and the Christmas season, be especially mindful of birth families and infertile couples. For pregnant women making an adoption plan, more specifically those due around the holidays, future Christmases may forever be connected to memories of the birth of their child. In general, Christmas and

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Interview With A Birth Mother

Interview With A Birth Mother

 (The following is part of an actual conversation with a birth mother who recently placed her baby for adoption through A Angel Adoptions. She is aware that this is being posted on social media. Some identifying information has been deleted or altered due to confidentiality concerns.) (Suzanne) When did you first start thinking about making

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7 years ago - my adoption story

Letters: 7 Years Ago Today

Dear A Angel Adoptions, Seven years ago today, your agency placed a beautiful baby girl in our arms. We were a childless couple who had struggled with infertility for a very long time. This little girl is our world! We are still in touch with her birth mother and her birth father as we promised

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Who is a typical Birth Mother

Who is a Typical Birth Mother

Envision A Typical Birth Mother If you try to envision the typical characteristics of a birth mother, a woman placing her baby for adoption, who would your mind see? A teenager in high school? A woman struggling with addiction and/or mental illness? A mother struggling to pay her bills? Actually, the majority of women who

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