Adoptive Parent FAQs

I’ve heard that adoptive couples wait many years to adopt a baby. Is this true? How long does it take?

Every adoption agency is different. Some agencies do have very long waiting lists. A Angel Adoptions limits the number of approved waiting adoptive families to increase the odds of quicker placement time for adoptive applicants. Over half of our families will either be matched or placed with a baby within 12 months after being adoption home-study approved and profile book ready.

Are the majority of your adoptions open or closed?

Most birth mothers today are requesting varying levels of openness in their adoption plan. Many birth mothers want to select the family from adoption profiles made by the adoptive families, meet the adoptive parents and have varying levels of contact with their chosen adoptive family during the pregnancy. Very few birth mothers prefer a closed adoption and many birth mothers request a fully disclosed open adoption.

Do you only place infants or do you also place older children for adoption?

Private agencies are generally contacted by birth mothers when they are pregnant; therefore, the majority of children placed for adoption are newborn infants. However, in the rare event that a birth mother should bring an older child to the agency, it’s always nice to have families on board who are flexible in regard to a child’s age range.

Do you have both international and domestic programs, and can you send us a packet of materials about your agency?

We only have a domestic program and do not mail out adoption packets. We believe in a more personal approach with telephone contact followed by a face-to-face consultation.

I prayed for this child

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