Birth Parents

Why choose an Alabama-licensed agency?

A Angel Adoptions is a small, licensed, private agency right here in Alabama. No matter what city you live in, we can come to you. We are not a voice on the end of the phone located in another state. We can only imagine how you must feel at this very moment … overwhelmed, confused and wondering what is best for you and your baby. You might be feeling anxious and scared, or have a feeling of not being in control. We understand, and we can help!

Making an adoption plan

It’s okay to consider an adoption plan for your baby. You may not be able to parent this child for many different reasons … you may be financially struggling, you may not be ready to be a parent, you may be raising other children, your child’s birth father may not be a part of your life, or you may not have family support. For whatever reason you choose adoption, it is a loving and responsible plan to want your baby to have the kind of life that you dream of for him or her. There is never any cost to birth mothers for our services.

Our promise to you

Our clinical social workers and staff have many years of experience working with pregnant women. We are very passionate about our work, and can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you need us, we are available! Supportive counseling is provided to you during and after your pregnancy for as long as you need us. We will hold your hand and guide you through the adoption process. It is very important to our agency that you have good feelings about your adoption plan, the adoptive parents and A Angel Adoptions.

Give us a call

Don’t be worried about what is going on in your life or with the pregnancy. We work with women who have emotional problems, addiction issues, trouble with the law, financial problems, and women who have had very little or no prenatal care. We care about you and your baby, and if we are not able to help you directly, we will do our very best to provide appropriate referral sources. Remember, most women choose an adoption plan because they and/or their families have life stresses of their own, so are not able to raise this baby. Perhaps your primary reason for choosing adoption has a lot to do with the birth father of your baby. Adoption is often very different from what you see on TV or read in the papers. No matter what your circumstances are, we are here to help you to help yourself and find the right family for your baby!

To love something is to let it go 
to allow freedom 
to grant space 
to be not heavy clouds 
but gentle winds 
to be not the fence 
but the open path 
to be not the lock but the key,
for the greatest of embraces 
end with open arms 
permitting the ones loved 
to turn or return 
as they wish.

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