Letter: From Birth Mother To Adoptive Parent

Dear Michael and Sara,

Hey, I hope y’all are starting to get settled in at home as a new complete family with Anna. I consider y’all my new family addition since we have been put in each other’s lives due to this beautiful baby girl named, Anna. I love you all so dearly! I just want y’all to know that it makes me so happy to hear how all of you are doing when we text and talk on the phone. I think about all of y’all every single day. I think of Anna as my little angel who has saved my life and changed my life in so many ways. She has changed my outlook on life! I want to achieve much more in life so I can show her that no matter what obstacles are thrown your way, you can always make a positive choice no matter what the situation is. Send my love to Anna with a kiss on the nose and bunches and bunches of XOXO (hugs and kisses). I Love y’all!

Love always.

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