Why Should I Use A Private Adoption Agency in Alabama

Why Should I Choose A Private Adoption Agency in Alabama?

The Advantages of Working with An In-State, Private, Licensed Adoption Agency in Alabama

Whether you are a potential birth mother living in Alabama who is considering an adoption plan for your unborn baby or a couple choosing to become parents through adoption, there are distinct advantages to using a private, licensed, in-state, child-placing agency versus a large, national adoption resource.  For more helpful information for Birth Parents, click here.

A Personal Touch With Compassionate Care

With a licensed, private, child-placing adoption agency in Alabama, you will meet in-person with your licensed clinical social worker for most of your services. Many birth mothers do not have a car. A Angel Adoptions can come to you so transportation is not a concern. You will develop a relationship with your social worker and have a lot of “hand-holding” throughout the process. Supportive counseling is provided 24 hours a day and indefinitely to birth mothers/families and the adoptive parents. With an out-of-state resource, you rarely meet the person on the other end of the phone.  Often, birth mothers receive limited counseling during and after the pregnancy.

Speak With the Same Caseworker Every Time

Many individuals going through the adoption journey have felt frustrated with a large, national adoption resource. I have had clients share past experiences such as, “They never knew who I was when I called,” and “I just felt like another file.” A private, licensed agency generally has familiarity with their clients. At A Angel Adoptions, there is a primary caseworker so birth mothers and adoptive couples are not being transferred to different people every time they call.

We Will Be There for You

With most birth mothers requesting an open adoption, face-to-face casework services by the agency are very important for both parties. Most pregnant women making an adoption plan for their baby want to choose the adoptive parents and meet them as well. Everyone is more comfortable having an agency social worker facilitate this meeting. Many birth mothers and adoptive couples communicate with one another during and after the pregnancy. It’s also common for the birth mother to request that the adoptive parents be at the hospital during labor and delivery. Most hospitals will provide a rooming-in room for the adoptive couple so they can spend time with the baby and the birth mother at the hospital. With A Angel Adoptions, the social worker will be at the hospital counseling with both parties during this time.

Counseling When You Need It

Although a woman needs counseling during the pregnancy, often, birth mothers need as much, or more, supportive counseling after giving birth to the baby. No matter how confident a woman is about her adoption plan during the pregnancy, she must reaffirm her decision to place the baby for adoption post-birth. It is not unusual for women to actually be surprised by the many emotions that surface after seeing the baby and feeling normal grief and loss issues after delivery; this can be a stressful time for everyone. Again, the role of A Angel Adoptions is to help the birth mother and birth family, if involved, to process all of these feelings.

While the adoptive couple is transitioning to the role of parents, the birth mother is often struggling with intense feelings of both happiness for the baby and the parents and sadness about her own inability to parent this child. Helping the birth mother to process her grief and loss takes time and lots of supportive counseling on behalf of the agency. This is often the hardest decision she will ever make in her life; sometimes the right choices are the hardest ones…

Why Should I Choose A Private Adoption Agency in Alabama?

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