Birth Parent Options

An unplanned pregnancy can make you feel out of control. You may be experiencing a lot of anxiety, sadness and depression. Did you know that through A Angel Adoptions, you have a lot of options in your baby’s adoption plan? We will meet you in person at any point in your pregnancy at the place of your choosing. We will be glad to come to your home, meet you at an area restaurant or at our agency. For as long as needed, supportive counseling is available for you as well as any birth family you choose to involve in your adoption plan.

Should you prefer a confidential, closed adoption, A Angel Adoptions will be glad to make decisions for you in your adoption plan. Many women have openness in their adoption. That means that you have the option of choosing your adoptive family from beautiful profile books filled with lots of pictures of the adoptive family, their home, vacations, holidays and many other photos of their daily life. Along with this wonderful book, adoptive families write about themselves. You may want to meet the adoptive parents and develop a relationship with them.  Perhaps you would like them to go to OB/GYN doctor appointments and even be at the hospital at the time of delivery. You have the option of continuing varying levels of contact through the years with your chosen family as well as through your child’s 18th birthday.

The most important thing for you to remember is that we will work with you to customize your adoption plan to suit your needs. Every birth mother is special and unique!

Services provided to birth parents:

  • Counseling to you during and after the pregnancy for as long as you need our emotional support.
  • An adoption plan involving a closed, semi-open or open adoption according to your comfort level.
  • Court-approved living expenses.
  • Assistance with transportation for counseling and OB/GYN visits.
  • Guidance and one-on-one support by telephone and face-to-face throughout your pregnancy and after as long as you need our services.have openness

“A birth mother puts the needs of her child above the wants of her heart” 
-Skye Hardwick

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