The Adoption Option

Are you thinking about the adoption option? If you are, then you’re at the right place.

Hello, I’m Suzanne Peden, and I am a clinical social worker, but I’m also the owner of A Angel Adoptions. I started working in the adoption field 37 years ago, but about 21 years ago, I decided that my passion for adoption, working with birth moms, working with adoptive families was so great that I wanted to create my own agency, A Angel Adoptions. If you live anywhere in the state of Alabama and are considering an adoption plan, please call me. Adoption is a lot different than what you see on TV and in movies.

The big deal about my agency is, I want you to be in the driver’s seat! I want you to feel a sense of control because having an unplanned pregnancy is a very out-of-control feeling. So, I’m going to counsel with you. I’m going to listen to you. If you live anywhere in the state of Alabama and you don’t have transportation, not a big deal, because I can come to you and I’m going to listen to you. I’m going to hear about whether you want a more open adoption, you want a more proactive role in choosing your family, meeting them. You may even want them at the hospital. Or do you want to be less involved? Maybe you want to pick the family, but maybe right now you’re not interested in meeting them or, emotionally it’s too hard.

But the thing about my agency is, “I have your back”. I want to always leave that door open for you. So if 5, 10, 15 years down the road, you say, “You know what?” “I do want to meet the family”, or, “I do want an update.” That door will be open so you don’t feel like, “Gosh, I made a more closed adoption plan, and now I guess I can’t get an update or I can’t get pictures”, and that will never be the case. Counseling is provided to you indefinitely as long as you need us. I’d also like to say that the majority of our adoptive families are college degreed, professional families, Christian families. Many have infertility issues. If it weren’t for women like you who have chosen life and chosen to make a responsible plan through adoption, many of these families would never get to be parents.

You are a blessing! So, the next step is to call me day or evening, and we will get together, and I will walk you through your adoption journey.

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