Pregnancy & Addiction

Video Transcript: Hello, I’m Suzanne Peden. I’m a clinical social worker, but I’m also the owner of A Angel Adoptions. So for many years, actually this year is 39 years, since graduate school, I have been working in the adoption field.

One of the topics I’d like to talk about is something that not everybody just openly discusses or has the comfort level to really speak publicly about. I’d like to talk about addiction when you’re pregnant and considering an adoption plan.

Being pregnant is tough! Being pregnant and thinking about adoption is tough! Then to also be struggling with addiction is really, really tough! One of the things I’d like to talk about is the fact that you are not alone. We have an opioid epidemic. There is a drug epidemic all over the world, and you are not alone. You just happen to be pregnant at the same time.

However, you may be having a lot of fears about can I parent this baby? Would someone want to adopt this child when I’ve been using heroin or meth, cocaine, lortabs, weed, or alcohol? You may think, “Will I have a difficult time finding a family that would want to adopt my child?” And you know what? The answer is a big NO, absolutely not! There are so many families waiting to adopt your baby! They are wonderful, healthy families in every way. They are not only open to adopting children with prenatal drug exposure, but are also willing to do a lot of research and preparation. They have come to the conclusion that this is absolutely the child they want to adopt!

They’re prepared.
They have good health insurance.
They have a good support system.
They know doctors to refer for mental, physical, emotional concerns for the child.

Although your child may have none of those concerns. All children are at risk for issues one way or the other, but I just want to assure you and promise you that there are many families that you can choose from that would absolutely love to adopt this baby. So please call me day or evening, seven days a week. I can’t wait to work with you.

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